Excellence in service and commitment to quality, our hallmarks

About us

At Gartzia Origen, S.L. we provide an instrument of progression to companies and suppliers to implement commitments that go in the direction of professionalism, responsibility and efficiency of good professional practices.

We market all types of fruit and vegetable products, with excellence in service and commitment to quality being our hallmarks. In order to meet our requirement to guarantee the highest possible quality and product safety for our customers, we rely on reliable, fair and respectful cooperation and comprehensive quality management.

Whether for our customers, producers or suppliers, we always strive for transparency in all our actions and see clear communication as the guarantor of long-term and trusting business relationships. Respect for people and nature is reflected in our sustainability concepts.


Our values


We approach our activity with the utmost respect for our environment, focusing on sustainability at all stages of production and packaging. Under this same commitment, we comply with the GLOBAL GAP, GRASP and Integrated Production Regulation standards.


Our main commitment to the fruit and vegetable sector is to offer our customers products with the highest standards of food safety and that, in addition, farmers carry out and develop their activity under criteria of environmental sustainability.




Gartzia Origen, S.L. ensures the traceability of all its products. The storage areas comply with hygiene standards and ensure an ideal temperature for preserving fruit and vegetables.


Gartzia Origen has many years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector.


All the fruit and vegetables we supply meet the highest standards of quality and food safety, being fresh products of excellent quality, healthy and sustainable.

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